Goddess Eroi's Sex Training poster
Updated 2020-09-15
Developer Uzura Studio
Rip by s-hentai

Goddess Eroi's Sex Training

"Goddess Eroi's Sex Training" is an exploration style HRPG with no battles.

[ Story ]
Looking to become an even greater goddess,
Eroi journeys to Venus-town in order to collect 4 goddess crystals.
During this process, help out towns-folk and collect items as the story continues.

However... A fake goddess reigns supreme in the temple of Venus-town.
Will Eroi be able to collect the 4 goddess crystals and defeat the fake goddess?

Items contain memos, to help ensure that you don't lose track in the process.
*Retail version includes a walk-through text

*The scenes will be unlocked after completing the main quest.
*On/off background for H-scenes can be changed

31 base CG (63 total with variations, not including standing illustrations)

Created with RPG TKool MV

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