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Updated 2018-05-14
Developer TechnoBrake
Version 1.00
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Rule of Succubus

* Japanese / English languages selectable
ver: 1.06

Japanese / English languages selectable.

- Battles
Battles with monsters such as orcs take place automatically on maps.
Battles with succubi are in a battle f*ck style.

- Party Members
You can take a succubus into your party upon successful talking with her during battles.
They do not actually attend the battle but their presences raise the protagonist's stats.
As he gets closer to them, the stat boost effect becomes stronger.

- Survival
Except "Classic" difficulty level, you have to manage 4 "survival gauges" each standing for
hunger, thirst, sleep and dirtiness along with the game's progression.
You will get more areas to explore by making tools, collecting materials, cooking and organizing equipment.

- Option
Each adjustable components can be set in the option menu anytime.
In addition to system-related values, you can also set rate of being
sexually assaulted by team members at night, and on / off
forcible sex on the occasion of the sexual assaults at night.
Enjoy the sensual survival life with succubi in your playstyle!

- Situations In H Events
Most situations contain submissive man / femdom / reverse r*pe elements
with voluptuous and slutty succubi. Some events contain role reversal.
Some kinky expressions like vacuum fellatio, gapeface etc. are included.
Most characters have plump body proportion, big butts and breasts.

* Notes
- We do not recommend to transfer the trial version's save data to the retail version
because there is a risk of unexpected defects in the game operation.
- Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:

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