P.M.10 poster
Updated 2015-11-21
Developer Zero-One
Language jap
Download via k2s.cc
Download via fboom
2.23 (11)


Yuuto stood to lose everything when he misplaced high level security documents from the plant. If those were to leak the damage would be unfathomable. He was better off dead. As Yuuto went mad with worry the plant's sales chief, Haneda, contacted him to say the documents were recovered safe and sound. Yuuto was overjoyed. But Haneda was very particular about how he wanted to be repaid: a wife swap. For one full day, Haneda would have complete access to Yuuto's six-month bride, Itsumi.

P.M.10 screenshotP.M.10 screenshotP.M.10 screenshot

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