The Orc of the Forest and the Lady Knight: Silky Tights Finish with Kukkoro Flavor poster
Updated 2020-05-23
Developer A-Nest
Rip by s-hentai

The Orc of the Forest and the Lady Knight: Silky Tights Finish with Kukkoro Flavor

Getting lost in a forest, a newly assigned lady knight named Tisca is confronted by an orc.
Soon she realizes that her sword is no match for the orc and, to her despair, there is no escape...

This is a fighting game-ish action game.
That being said, the controls are pretty easy. No input system.
If she gets attacked, her armor would drop off and tights get ripped.
Sometimes the orc does erotic attacks and counterattacks to her kicking move...?

[Features Worth Noting]
The newly assigned knight named Tisca wears her legion's standard full-body tights in the armor.
I made lots of efforts in a trial & error fashion in pursuit of the best tights.

In H scenes, you have a wide range of customization options such as:
- To what extent the tights are ripped
- On/Off armor and
- Adjustable breast size
so that you can tune your gameplay as you wish.

Plus, this game employs the creator's own technology, "I.R.M.A
(Indefinite Randomize Manipulation Algorithm)" system.
Thanks to it, you will see different motions in each different gameplay.
Lip-sync is perfectly performed.

[H Scenes]
Base H motions: 4x in-battle H attacks, 4x counterattacks, and 8 H scenes
+ Variant motions for randomization = 80 in total
Scenes you have seen are to be registered in the gallery for replaying.

Supported methods: Keyboard / Keyboard + Mouse / XInput supporting gamepad

[Operational Requirement]
Due to enriched graphics, this game's requirements are higher than the previous title.
So please do not forget to confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

It has been confirmed that the gameplay with GeForce GTX 680 is fine, without frustration.
It was reported that the gameplay with Surface Pro 5 is not that comfortable but still OK.

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