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Updated 2017-11-14
Developer Ishigaki

PASSION MORTALE! Complete Edition

* Dec 15th 2017 - Updated to English Translated Version!

A Side-Scrolling Action Game featuring a protagonist heroine
that became a Futanari (d*ck chick) by the power of magic!

[Basic Controls]
LEFT / RIGHT arrows: Movement
DOWN arrow: Crouch / (during jump) Quick Descent
Z / Button1: Barrier / Confirm
X / Button2: Dash / Cancel / (while flying) Cancel Flight
C / Button3: Jump / (during jump) Fly
Q / Button7: Toggle Hitbox Display
Space / Button10: Pause
Esc: Terminate the game

* Upon contact with enemy characters, erotic scenes will occur
and the pleasure gauge will fill up. When the pleasure gauge
reaches max, the protagonist will ejaculate and her HP decrease.

* There are 17 types of enemy characters (all enemy characters are female)
and 33 different types of animation in this game. (mainly girl x girl action)
Titjobs, fellatio, handjobs, footjobs and normal sex are mainly featured.

* By having sex with some enemy characters your outfit will change.
(There are 6 different outfits in total)

* Use your barrier to reflect enemy attacks and charge into the enemy.
You can replenish your HP by performing erotic acts on defeated enemies!
8 stages in total. The last stage is a Boss Battle.

* You can enjoy animation at 60 fps in the gallery
(i.e. at a higher frame rate than during the action game)
By clearing a stage, the animations will be unlocked in the gallery.

* Game screen resolution is 1024x768.

* Before purchasing please try out the trial / demo
to confirm system operation / compatibility.
* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

PASSION MORTALE! Complete Edition screenshotPASSION MORTALE! Complete Edition screenshotPASSION MORTALE! Complete Edition screenshot

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