Lover of Mirror Image: Main Edition poster
Updated 2017-10-17
Developer Ishigaki
Language jap

Lover of Mirror Image: Main Edition

* This game is a side scrolling action game where the main characters are twin incubus / succubus by the names of Tohno and Ano.
There are 6 stages in total.

* When coming into contact with enemy characters,
an erotic scene begins and the pleasure gauge increases.
When the pleasure gauge fills up,
the main character will cum and HP will be lost.
HP can be recovered by having twincest sex
or by gathering certain items.

* There are 25 types of enemies and 40 different scenes of erotic animation.
(This number does not include facial variations.)
5 of those animations are event style scenes with scenario text.

* Erotic Oneshota (older sister type x young boy) is the main content.
There are 2 types of futanari (dick girl) animations but not with the boy.
You can also turn of futanari via the options if you would like.

* Game screen resolution is 1024x768.

* Before purchasing please try out the trial / demo
to confirm system operation / compatibility.
* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

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