Model No.3 and the Mysterious Dungeon Complete Edition poster
Updated 2020-11-26
Developer Ishigaki

Model No.3 and the Mysterious Dungeon Complete Edition

About the game:
A roguelike game where the hero and his lady adversaries
move at the same time through randomly-generated dungeons.
Use skills to advance; game difficulty can also be changed.
If you run out of ejaculations, it's game over.

20 pose art (with naked variations)
Includes pose art animations for each girl

8 base mini-attack animations + 8 variations
Set animation equipment slots to have mini-animations occur when you assault the girls

8 base ejaculation mini-animations + 12 variations

22 event animations + variations
Includes lots of titjob, milky handjob, and nipple sucking themes.

Arrow keys: move
Z: Turn
X: Attack
C: Display shortcuts
A: Menu
S: Diagonal movement
D: Open bag
Q: Stomp
W: Skill menu
Z+X: Dash

* 1024x768 resolution

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