Obedience ~最弱妖魔が手にする未来~ poster
Updated 2021-06-20
Developer karaage-tomato
Total size 650mb
Rip by mikocon



Obedience ~最弱妖魔が手にする未来~

~ Introduction ~ (Please be sure to read)

- The image resolution is 1360 × 765
- This work is made of RPG Maker MV, we recommend checking the operation in the trial version
i think we can reach the end in about -1 to 2 hours
- The ending is 3 types of True Bad Worst
- The event is fully released after the True or Bad End is reached
- You can play until the fourth day in the trial version
- You can move to the load screen with the A key while the event occurs
- Q key input to temporarily erase the message window, re-enter to cancel the temporary erase
- Basically you should be able to play with only mouse operation
-If you have any problems, please contact Ci-en of our circle


The main character of"trainer" who makes it a livelihood to train a woman and make it an obedient slave

i got a request from a priest named charles, a suspicious man.
Visit an old church built in a secluded place

It was a girl of the youma with a white horn named mije who was confined there.

She is a youma tribe called"Funma"、
because of the powerlessness, i've been offering my body to males from other races since ancient times.
It was a pitiful race that survived by being kept as a tool of sexual desire processing

father charles's request made meier a slave to obey a man、
It was to train the meat urinal girl for training delivery using magic tools

The main character who undertook the request, and was supposed to serve as care and training of Mije
As you spend time with the main character, Mijay also changes little by little

What is the thing that the girl of the youma without the power to fight grabs at the end of the days of humiliation?

~ Simple operation instructions & a little tips ~

- The morning phase takes care of Mijay, and the afternoon phase trains Mijay
- Please refer to the operation at the time of training phase because we will explain in detail in the game
- I think that it is possible to clear if you continue to strengthen the gori push or physical strength of the recovery item basically
- How to reach each ending has been described in the in-game tips

~ Some of the event menu ~
- The main character is fucked in various positions and is instilled in the pleasure of sex
- It is exposed in real time like being fucked by thugs and dad of the town
- Developed by the sadists of onae to convert pain into pleasure
- It is natural to be coveted by multiple men, and it comes to ask for more hard play
- It is ridiculed by men of the gallery to be disturbed by the meat stick that I penetrate, and it is abused

and so on.
This game is also basically set the game difficulty is low
little by little, the girl of the youma embraces her own instincts and servitude to the main character、
Please enjoy as you come to accept the humiliation such as covering your eyes

Use 3D Custom Girl
SS introduces paid MOD+performs image processing on its own



・エンディングはTrue Bad Worstの3種類です
・True EndかBad End到達後にイベントが全開放されます














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