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Updated 2019-10-26
Developer Mind and Mind
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New Adventurer Rina's Hypnotic Rape Story

The protagonist is treated like a nuisance by all those around him, so the responsibility of taking care of newly recruited adventurers falls onto him.
During training, he learns a hypnosis technique from a certain man, and uses this power to enact his revenge on the world.
And so he lays his eyes on the feisty new adventurer Rina for his first target.
Can he succeed in making her his sex slave!?

[Game system]
* Hypnosis
Event scenes all occur under hypnosis.
Repetition is required to deepen the hypnotic state.
If you get a special item, the ending will change..!?

* Quest
The protagonist receives work from the guild.
Go there to receive new work after finishing a quest.
Afterward, head to the inn for some...

* Straightforward RPG
No difficult systems!
Take quests, beat the baddies, and move on!

New Adventurer Rina's Hypnotic Rape Story screenshotNew Adventurer Rina's Hypnotic Rape Story screenshot

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