Mushikarishi: The Bug Hunter [Japanese Ver.] poster
Updated 2016-06-03
Developer Tistrya
Language jap
Version 15.02.08

Mushikarishi: The Bug Hunter [Japanese Ver.]

* Monogatari

I am Riiza. My profession is Mushikarishi, Hunter of Bugs.
Insects are repulsive and frightening, in fact I hate to look at them,
but I had a rare talent. I was not allowed to learn another skill.

"Please, Riiza.
Not just anyone can become a Mushikarishi."

"I understand that... but sex with them?
I can't even. It's too gruesome!"

"You can slay them in the moment of copulation! That's a certain victory!
Bugs gather in large numbers, and few are poisonous.
Your sensuous body can lure them together, then extinguish them with my insecticide!"

Such was my fate... to exterminate the disgusting insects...
I am a Mushikarishi.

* Game

Mushikarishi (The Bug Hunter)
is an RPG of insect sex, r*pe and eggspawn
Highly recommended to lovers of the
spine-tingling visceral guro of bug porn!
Fights frequently make Riiza the bait for ecchi battle.

Sex scenes are voiced.

Concept and script by Yoshikazu Ishiba
Illustrations by Takami Nao
Voice by Ennui

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free).
* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

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