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Updated 2018-09-11
Developer JSK Studio
Language jap
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2.38 (20)

Miyui ~My Neighbor Swordswoman in School~

Evil spirits, tangible souls...... Unusuals break into your life all of a sudden.
While you are trying to understand what is going on,
a girl next door appears right in front of you...

- This game is to fight an exorcist girl named "Miyui Kuga"
in a command-choosing fashion to have ecchi with her.
- There are various in-battle H scenes and four endings.
- This game is separated into two parts:
(1) to fight Miyui when the protagonist is possessed, and
(2) to fight Miyui when she is possessed.

- The battle takes place in a command input style with a so-called "active gauge".
You will be able to use various moves as you get more gauges/power source.
- Includes cloth ripping scenes.
- You may gain "skill point" depending on how you fought.
Skill points can be used for strengthening parameters and getting new skills.
- Skills are for example to get more moves, to move on to H scenes
right after a counter attack, to capture, to make her faint etc.
- The story has 4 different endings (not incl. bad ending) that you will see each of one
upon what you chose in action and conversation parts.
- Different endings have different H scenes. You can see the endings you have seen in the reminiscence mode.
- Contains many variant H scene artworks mainly in missionary sex, doggy style sex and cowgirl sex.
You can enjoy scenes of fellatio and titjob when you have enough skills.
- Her clothes and lingerie can freely be put on/off during H scenes (except the endings).
- All penetrative sex scenes come with creampie. Each different creampie animations for all sex positions.
- Most H scenes are with X-ray views. Can be turned on/off.

- This product is presented in Flash. A flash player is required to play.
- Includes AdobeAir version that runs on PCs with Air installed.
- For both the trial and the retail version, please make sure that the compressed file is extracted correctly.
- Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.
- SFX only, no other sounds
- Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

Miyui ~My Neighbor Swordswoman in School~ screenshotMiyui ~My Neighbor Swordswoman in School~ screenshotMiyui ~My Neighbor Swordswoman in School~ screenshotMiyui ~My Neighbor Swordswoman in School~ screenshot

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