Reapers Club ~ Voice Append DLC + Soundtrack poster
Updated 2020-10-03
Developer Circle Meimitei
Rip by s-hentai

Reapers Club ~ Voice Append DLC + Soundtrack

* Warning
This product requires "Reapers Club (RE237778)" to run.

Reapers Club (game)

This is a DLC pack that adds voices to the event scenes registered in the Gallery of "Reapers Club"
Voices are included for the 11 main heroines only, not the sub-heroines.

Due to an event data bug with female adventurer Fashi,
we request you update to Ver 1.2.00 or higher before applying the DLC.


みる (35:51)
月野きいろ (39:50)
蒼依ハル (31:29)
あかしゆき (43:17)
烏丸そら (44:18)
Airi Himekawa (44:43)
桜以あかり (51:6)
神無月ほのか (47:57)
鹿瀬紫卯 (42:58)
水霧けいと (44:32)
桃井いちご (43:47)

Total playback time: 7:49:48
Word count: 4020

* For those who haven't completed the game, or lost their save files,
a system save is included with all the event scenes unlocked.

No screenshots available

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