Dungeon Town ~The Forest of Relics and the Succubus Serum~ poster
Updated 2021-09-27
Developer Circle Meimitei
Total size 1gb
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Dungeon Town ~The Forest of Relics and the Succubus Serum~

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* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

Current ver (as of Nov 2016): Full Game Ver1.1.9.11 / Trial Ver.

* Boss fights are erotic battle fuck style encounters.
However, unlike some other in the genre, it isn't about who cums first loses...
As long as you have LP remaining, you can cum as many times as you want!

Use the "talk" action to praise the opponent, and give them gifts and money.
Doing this will increase their willingness to spread those legs and let you penetrate.
Once you're inside, the ball's in your playing field!
You can choose where and how you want to cum. (Unless the girl has taken the initiative from you...)
After winning over the opponent at least once this way, the next time you encounter them,
they will interact with you in a more loving and 'deredere' style. Properly reflected in their dialogue.

* You can bring along a partner (one of the heroines of your choice) on your adventurers.
During the dungeon delving part, certain situations can lead to "Intimate Mode"
where the two of you are nice up and close together.
Use this opportunity for some "skinship" and conversation.
If you press all the right buttons, you might be in for some erotic fun.
The more naughty fun you indulge in, the more willing (and stronger!) the girl will become.
If things get too hot and saucy for the dungeon location,
head back to town and take her to local hotel for some after hours "adventuring" !

* The dungeons are 100% randomly generated.

* A damage estimate feature is also implemented,
so you can quickly tell whether you are outmatched and need to escape from battle or not.

* Erotic scenes are split into two types; "Battle Fuck" and "ADV (Visual Novel Game) Event Style"

Battle Fuck: Mostly "dere" and loving. Lots of reverse rape scenes.
However, the girls will not usually be open to having sex at first and you must shower them
with praise, gifts, money, and otherwise to garner their favorability and EARN their lewd rewards.
The concept is to avoid one-way reverse rape, and rather make it a bit more loving and consensual.

ADV (Visual Novel Game) Event Style: This is generally used for the erotic scenes
which the protagonist is not taking part in directly. (i.e. 3rd person view)
These scenes consist mainly of non-consensual rape, and light NTR / cuckoldry themes.
They include an orgasm countdown feature for ease of "use" ;)

* Other Keypoints:
- As long as you have LP remaining, you can keep on fucking!
- There is only "Game Over" in the traditional sense. Auto save is also enabled, just in case!
- You can change the name of the protagonist!
- The protagonists level up stats are free to set as you desire. (Choose the playstyle you want!)
- Changing class will change your "Title"!
- Selling mats will allow shops to create & sell new items. There are over 500 items in the game!
- Sell specific items that are in high demand to quest givers for an even higher value reward!
- Completing "Partner Quests" (an achievement system), will power up bot you and the heroine.

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