Middle Aged Man Goes Strawberry Picking in the Park poster
Updated 2020-09-04
Developer Ekicon Research Society
Rip by s-hentai

Middle Aged Man Goes Strawberry Picking in the Park

Girls still waiting for their parents to show up get invited to a mysterious man's house...
There, once a month, a "play event" is held,
where the girls' soft bodies are put on display for high-paying customers...

An isolation & sexual training simulation game! "Night Play" with girls in the park begins!

Kana (CV: Itsuki Igarashi): A girl that loves to play on the steel bars.
Sara (CV: Yuu Shimotsuki): A energetic, suntanned girl.
Azuki (CV: Otoha Iroha): A heroine of justice, who is also skilled at cooking.
Maron (CV: Tsubame Yuzuki): A heroine of justice who keeps the peace together with Azuki.
Mai (CV: Yufu Hanamikawa): Her tiny mini-skirt brings all the boys to the yard.
Isami (CV: Kanau Hoshiumi ): A boyish girl that loves sports.

* See all the girls get toyed with, and filled with the cum of lusty men!
* All H scenes are animated!
* Cross-section toggle / SFX toggle / BGM toggle functionality included!

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