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Updated 2023-01-02
Developer Ekicon Research Society
Language original
Total size 159mb
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Neglected sisters want to play

Original title: 放置姉妹は遊んでほしい

When I was sitting on a bench in the park, a cute sister talked to me
Girls who are late for their parents' return are invited to the man's house・・・
The sisters who became close to the man, then came to go to the man's house without telling mom
The sister who is undressed by a man and is a sexual mischief in the bath・・・
and in the end, with several men・・・

■ A good friend sister who will be a side dish tonight

Nana-chan (cv Iroha Otoba-like): "Do you want to suck the pervert Chi Po?""It is squeezed out by a big sister who loves to pretend to be a doctor!

Hina-chan (cv Shimotsuki Yu-like): "Uncle, Pee Oぉ" Do not bear to cute sister who will pee in the bath!

■ Play contents (all 8 scenes)

Whether tired of playing, Puniman sister who would sleep in the house of a man叩 Hit the waist without mercy to unprotected female hole!

Innocent sisters to be played with a meat stick!・・-Keep your head down and suck it hard!

"I'll wash your body ♪"可愛 Embarrassing washing in the bath with cute sisters!

Shooting orgy play with multiple men姉妹Sisters who will be trained in pleasant meat Onaho・・・

-Piston anime 21st to send liquid soul study group!
-This time I produced in Unity and Live2D, and implemented blink and mouth park ---Mouth moves according to the dialogue!
- Dialogue, sound effect, BGM volume can be set individually!
- You can view all the scenes from the beginning with easy operation!taipa is the best!

※ Before you purchase, please download the trial version first and check whether it works properly.
※ this work is Windows10 64bit version . software . .Please note that you can not play in the 32bit environment.
*For other notes, please see the "Readme" in the game folder.

■Update information
-Ver1.01: Fixed a bug that the button was hidden outside the screen when it was in full screen.




ななちゃん(cvいろは乙葉 様):「変態ち〇ぽをしゃぶって欲しいの?」お医者さんごっこが大好きなおませなお姉ちゃんに搾り取られる!

ひなちゃん(cv霜月優 様):「おじちゃん、おしっこぉ・・・」お風呂でおもらししちゃう可愛い妹に堪らずドックン!







※本作はWindows10 64bit版のソフトウェアです。32bit環境ではプレイ出来ませんのでご注意下さい。


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