Mesu Kyoushi ~Injoku no Kyoushitsu~ poster
Updated 2016-05-02
Developer Bishop
Language jap
Total size 3gb
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Mesu Kyoushi ~Injoku no Kyoushitsu~

Original title: 牝教師~淫辱の教室~

Takuya's parents divorced when he was a child. His mother took him and she got married to another man, Sanada, soon. Sanada's son, Eiji, was a genius and looked down on Takuya. Takuya couldn't stand it anymore and left his house. He entered a high school with his mother's family name. One day, there comes a new teacher to his school. It is Eiji, his older brother. Accidentally, Takuya sees Eiji and Miyuki, a popular female teacher, meet secretly in a vacant classroom. He decides to take a revenge on Eiji and plots to shag with Miyuki in cooperation with Rihoko, a school doctor...

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Download and install instructions

Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

Game screenshots:
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