Houkago 3 ~Nerawareta Junketsu~ poster
Updated 2016-02-28
Developer Bishop
Language jap

Houkago 3 ~Nerawareta Junketsu~

Original title: 放課後3 ~狙われた純潔~

The main character has an extraordinary obsession with schoolgirls because of an experience he once had.He dreams of a life surrounded by school girls and strives to improve himself, and finds a job as a clerk for a prestigious girls' school.
However, when life at the school started, he was so exited he frequently ejaculated into his pants, and the smell of semen was in the air.
He was seen as suspicious and a problem, and a petition to demand his dismissal occurred on campus.

Realizing the danger of his position, the protagonist decides to give in to his lust for the schoolgirls he been eyeing for a long time.
He roams the grounds after school, relying on his vigor to never wane no matter how much he ejaculates.
A bitch's lewd voice echoes throughout the schoolyard.

The pleasure that drowns the girl is dyed in white.

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