Mesu Inu Haramase Oyakodon ~Oba to Itoko o Aherase Meromero na Yari Makuri Pet Shiiku ♪~ poster
Updated 2019-09-21
Developer Miel
Language eng

Mesu Inu Haramase Oyakodon ~Oba to Itoko o Aherase Meromero na Yari Makuri Pet Shiiku ♪~

Original title: 牝犬孕ませ母娘丼 ~叔母と従姉妹をアヘらせメロメロなヤリまくりペット飼育♪~

While most men can't get it up you can't get it to go down. In a world flipped upside-down in a panic over declining birthrates that means you have a duty to breed! Claim a sexy mother and her bomb-shell daughter as your personal Pleasure Pets and embark on a journey of birthrate busting X-rated adventures.

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Dog Cosplay Perverted Protagonist Brief Branches Only Voice Replay Anal Plug Tail Sexual Slavery (Choukyou Variation) Sexual Corruption Pissing Linear Plot Under the Same Roof Dirty Talk Spontaneous Sex Scenes Early Sexual Content Petplay Oyakodon Inbreeding Nukige Protagonist's Aunt as a Heroine Male Protagonist Protagonist's Cousin as a Heroine Aunt/Nephew Incest Urination Fetish Cousin Incest High Sexual Content Single Ending Blood-related Aunt/Nephew Incest Inumimi Heroine ADV Sex in Public Places Threesome Ending Nipple Piercing Sounds of Copulation Clothed Male Naked Female Naked Sprites Outdoor Sex Non-original Soundtrack Modern Day Earth Modern Day Sexual Slavery Modern Day Japan Domicile Student Heroine Pregnancy Pregnant Sex Adult Heroine Nympho Protagonist Married Heroine Student Protagonist Tsundere Heroine Ponytail Heroine Twin Tail Heroine Long Sexual Scenes Impregnation Colored Name-tags Mindbreak Standing Sex Ahegao Heroine's Mother as a Heroine No Opening Movie Apartment Building Big Ass Heroine Heroine with Slave Tattoo (BDSM) Sexual Cosplay Vaginal + Anal Object Insertion Birthrate Decline Sex with Protagonist Only Heroine with Huge Breasts Protagonist with Big Breasts Internal Exhibition of Sex Anilingus Sitting Sex Defloration Sex in Front of an Audience Doggy Style Lactation During Sex Erotic Spanking Heroine with Pubic Hair Blowjob Body Piercing Heroine with Tattoo Group Sex of One Male and Several Females Incest Rape Twin Buttjob Anal Sex Twin Blowjob Linked Piercings Twin Boobjob Boobjob Anal Penetration Cum on Food Missionary Position Pillory Sex Sex Involving Smegma Netori Adult Breast Feeding Metal Bondage Villainous Protagonist Single Boobjob Sensual Biting BDSM Hair Pulling (Sexual) Big Breast Sizes Heroine Arrogant Heroine Body Writing Reverse Cowgirl Milking (Sexual) Cowgirl Single Blowjob Anal Toys Sadist Protagonist Heroine with Children Spelling Errors Piss Drinking Harem Ending Sex in a Classroom Bondage Rapist Protagonist Handcuffed Sex Pregnancy Ending

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