Magician of Fallen poster
Updated 2018-12-24
Developer Clara Soap
Language jap

Magician of Fallen

* Synopsis
Suu is a free lance magician who undertakes various requests in exchange for money.
One day, when she is going to take shower after finished a request, she meets a man
at the moment she is undressing. The man is surprised, and at the same time fall in love
with her at a glance. But this guy has some stalker-like personality.
Starting this day, he becomes annoying for her as following her around.

* Characters
A girl whose goal is to become a full-fledged magician.
Though having excellent technique in magic, a bit careless.
Currently she is taking some purposeless journey.

An explorer with both magic and sword skills.
A skilled explorer, but having problematic personality.

* Game
- The story progresses by talking to townspeople
- Responses from townspeople changes (Suu's side / Dennis' side)

* Erotic scenes
- Stalking
- Violation
- Interspecies sex
- Confinement
- Drugging sex
- Corruption into pleasure
- Molestation

* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

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