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Updated 2019-03-22
Developer Clara Soap  

Atelier of Belinda


Belinda's father ran into some debt trouble after he become a guarantor for a certain loan.
It seemed he was working hard to pay it back, but one day he suddenly disappeared,
leaving his daughter Belinda to shoulder the weight of the debt.

Around Belinda were those willing to lend a hand, and through item collection and mixing,
she was able to start raising some money on her own.
However, it seems no matter what, the beautiful Belinda would become a target for lusty adults...


* Belinda

The cute face of the atelier. 18 years old.
An earnest girl who loves her father.
Tries to overcome hardship through her characteristic kindness and positivity.

* Sergio

Belinda's father.
A timid man who divorced when Belinda was young, and had to raise her by himself.
A skilled alchemist, but his kindness resulted in him becoming the guarantor for a certain loan.

* Edmond

Goes by "Ed".
A loyal man, who runs the local odds & ends shop. A childhood friend of Sergio.
Single and virgin.

* Fabio

The master of the local tavern.
A social and outgoing guy.
Sergio frequented his tavern.

* Marco

A strict debt collector.
Always enters the Atelier by kicking the door in.,

* Ricardo

Another debt collector.
A cool and calculating man, in contrast to the wild Marco.

* Leanardo

A vigilante guard with a humble personality, despite his strength.
Has secret feelings for Belinda.

[Ecchi events to corrupt Belinda]

- Rape
- Deflowering
- Humiliation
- Drugging
- Impregnation
- Prostitution
- Orgy
- Interspecies, etc.

* A trick exists for entering the Scene Gallery.

Script / production: Paison
H Scene Writer: Norananoni
Illustration: anal
CV: Phan Masaki (Voices are used during event scenes)

Download Atelier of Belinda from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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