Magical Girl Tetra ~Two Flowers That Bend In Captivity~ poster
Updated 2016-10-24
Developer yaminabedaiichikantai
Language jap
Version 1.1

Magical Girl Tetra ~Two Flowers That Bend In Captivity~

* Premise

Tetra faces invaders who, if they can, will drain her magic forever.

* Story

Humanity is fighting for its place in the multiverse.
Monsters suddenly appeared from another world to wreak havoc on ours.

For years the war it seemed hopeless-----

But, somehow, humans have gained the power to fight back.
These are the so-called "magical girls", regaled in magnificent outfits.

* Systems

(1) Event CG, H scene appreciation modes!
Complete the game to fully unlock all content!

(2) Post-game open world play!
Complete the game and then go where you like!

(3) Built-in quick help
Access character and system information anytime, anywhere..

(4) Battle failures are sexy victories!
When the magical girl reaches zero HP in battle, she's taken to a hideout.
She can't break out on her own, so endure (enjoy!) the action until she's rescued.

(5) (but!) Sex torments will drains magical power!
Magic power is the most important thing in the game.
What's a magical girl with no magic power?
If she reaches zero MP in captivity, she becomes normal...
... and a normal girl can never transform again.
Be sure she gets out of captivity before her MP runs out!

* Controls

Arrow keys - movement (character or cursor)
Z, Enter, Space - confirm, faster messages in battle
X, Insert - display menu, cancel
Ctrl - skip text

Illustrations by Kotoyuki Yayoi

Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):

Screenshot 0Screenshot 1Screenshot 2

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