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Updated 2020-09-17
Developer saboten
Language eng

Pregnenticles: Earth Girls Inseminated

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Modern day Japan.
Earthlings make first contact with an unknown alien species from Mars.
The Martians have begun an invasion of the planet.
It begins by getting close to Earth's most powerful officials and
impregnating them with tentacles, making them allies.
A hentai takeover, not a hostile one; no blood spilled, but so much semen!
The Martians are thriving among us! We're just GIVING it away!

Meet protagonist Tako Rice.
A hero who embraces the call of duty with open arms...
not! He's a naughty hentai space alien who loves interspecies sex.
Tako Rice is shirking his invasion duties to have loads
of sex however he pleases! Because it's fun!

Features and Game

* Stress free NO BATTLE story
Play as Tako Rice mimicking a human and wander about town,
collect info and knock up cute girls. A breezy, light game.

* Limited funds
As an invader you have 100 billion yen in capital.
Use it well, on items that will get you laid more!

* Captivity system
Earthlings inseminated by Tako Rice
can be rounded up on your spacecraft.
Enjoy pixel graphic H scenes with your harem hostages!

* Voyeur system
Let's investigate the behavior of human girls.
Use your money and eavesdrop for information
as you peep on human perversions!!

25 characters!
30 base CG images!!
Pixel eros aplenty!!!

* Requires RPG Tkool VX (free)
* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

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