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Updated 2018-03-21
Developer saboten
Language jap

I'm Gonna Cum! Magical Miruru


* Story
In a world of evil, the capitol is protected by a magical girl.
Anytime, anywhere, if badness threatens, she will appear:
cute maho shojo "Magical Miruru"!

Time after time the Adaru and the league of villainy
has been thwarted by meddling Miruru.
Vowing to put an end to the game of failures,
Adaru has now unleashed the full force of the league.
"I'm done playing nice, you bothersome twerp!"

To defeat her enemy Miruru will have to give everything she's got.

Cum! Go! Ikuuuuuuuuu!

* "Infection" system
When Miruru fails a battle or encounters an event on the map,
evil sperm will infect her, and the world will take notice.
When Miruru becomes too "infected" will be shunned by the people,
prices will be higher in shops, she won't be allowed to sleep at the inns
or enter houses... but she will wear less clothes.

Naturally, the ending you earn is influenced by Miruru's level of infection.

The story itself may change in interesting ways......

* "Craving" system
When Miruru casts magic or gets attacked in a sexual way,
her "craving" will increase. Like infection, craving will affect
interactions, making it possible to have sex with people
and acquire more gold from battles.

Keep an eye on Miruru's levels!

Plus classic RPG systems like
* Costume changes with stat boosts
* Over 30 unlockable H scenes

Created by Saboten

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