Magical Exhibitionist College Girl Christhea poster
Updated 2020-03-12
Developer 4H  
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Magical Exhibitionist College Girl Christhea

Touka Minamori was used to having her body played with by her best friend back home.
But now that she's in college, she's on her own and and living a rather barren existence on campus.
But when her best friend Kokoha appears at school under the name Magical Girl Dearheart, things get a little strange...
Dearheart's powers come from "S energy", which is created through emotions like sexual excitement and arousal.
But she herself isn't particularly sensitive to things like that.
Her friend Touka, however, the one she used to play with, is... and Touka just happens to attend this college...

29 base CGs + 2 pose arts + cut-ins
49 events, 100 including mini events
Fully voiced heroine!
Created using LiveMaker
Resolution: 1280x720

* Technically a part of the "Magical Girl Lovely Lily" series,
but can be enjoyed without any knowledge of previous works.

Download Magical Exhibitionist College Girl Christhea from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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