Circle 4H 10th Anniversary Omake Scenario poster
Updated 2020-08-29
Developer 4H

Circle 4H 10th Anniversary Omake Scenario

Original title: Circle 4H 10th Anniversary おまけシナリオ

Scenario 1."Zenra Dream Park" a new amusement park is open in Japan. A popular theme park from France this is a 'Nude' theme park because in Germany and France where the park originated public nudity is more acceptable. Akari has gotten special pass tickets to attend the park for free for the student council as special status guests. The only requirement is that the girls attend the park naked. Shizuku can't pass up the opportunity to go to the amusement park for free so she meets Akari at 9am at the train station wearing nothing but a ribbon around her neck and they go to the theme park together. Rides! Attractions! Pictures with Dickey, the Dream Park mascot! Akari and Shizuku have fun together at the park while the guests get a chance to see such cute girls walking around naked.

Whle Akari is out buying them lunch Shizuku gets mistaken for one of the naked park staff and forced to walk around the park in the parade for all the guests to see.

Note, this scenario is unvoiced.

Scenario 2
Friends Aya Yuki and Momoe are on their way to school when a television crew ask them for an interview. They agree but the TV crew follows them while they do naked physical education, asks them questions, and films them while they exercise nude.

Note, this scenario is unvoiced.

Scenario 3
Super idol Saki Haruka takes part in a 100 km charity marathon. However unknown to Haruka this is all part of a 'Candid Camera' episode and her already sexy outfit is designed to dissolve with her sweat leaving Haruka to run the entire marathon naked.

Note, this is the only scenario which is voiced and only the character Saki Haruka.

Scenario 4
Various heroines from 4H games meet each other at the park naked and discuss their lives and difficulties being naked in public together. Scenario includes Sana, Arisu and Kanon from Zengaku! Saki Haruka and child actress Nanamiya Luna, magical girls Touka and Kokoha and sisters Yuri and Shiori.

Note, this scenario is unvoiced.

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