Machine RaPrison ~Escape from Discipline Facility~ poster
Updated 2018-02-14
Developer Tanoshiitake
Language jap

Machine RaPrison ~Escape from Discipline Facility~

This is an escape room style game where an android girl attempts to escape from
a mysterious discipline facility through tolerating pleasing brainwashing, machine r*pe etc.

* Synopsis
The protagonist "Shiro" is an android. She is abducted by some group
and sent to a facility with a special purpose to turn androids into sex slaves.
She sets her mind to escape from the facility, moving forward with kind support
from many people. Will Shiro be able to get out of the facility!?

* Gameplay
- Explore maps and gather necessary items and hints
- Beat various types of gimmicks situated around maps
- There are security robots running around maps. If she gets caught...
- In order to go to next level, you ought to gather hints and ponder the password.

* Mystery Solving
- Mystery solving in this game is relatively difficult.
Thus we put detailed explanation of walk-through in a text folder.

* About H Events
Contains 15 H scenes in total. Each has different base CG.
You can see all the H scenes in the reminiscence room as a post-game content.

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