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Updated 2020-11-26
Developer Tanoshiitake



☆Key Info

Title: GauntletGirls
Genre: Battling heroine defeat RPG
Ero genre: Defeat H, shameful play, pleasure training
CG count: 10 base CG + 63 variations


GauntletGirls (GG), an organization of justice that fights behind the scenes to preserve world peace.
This time, there's tracking a villain who's been killing men, and kidnapping women, trying to reform
the world to their own ideal.
The GauntletGirls are hot on the tail of the mastermind, but when they face defeat,
a cruel, violating fate awaits them.

In the end, do they have what it takes to stop the evil villain's plan?

☆Game Contents

- Battle (orthodox style)
- Change characters (with effects on ero events)
- Shop (buy useful items)
- Magical fragment exchange (Turn drops into powerful items)
- Gallery (Watch ero events in the upper-left part of the base)
* Talk to the fairy after game completion to fully unlock the Gallery.


- No level ups - It's all about items and skills!
- Choose from three characters to approach stages


Defeated heroines are shamefully brought to to climax before the viewing populace!
Recommended for those when enjoy girls losing out to pleasure as everyone watches!
Contains plenty of successive climaxes, tons of squirting, breast milk, and ahegao to go around!

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