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Updated 2020-07-24
Developer Tanoshiitake  
Rip by mikocon

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Slave Stone

Genre: Sneaking rape HRPG
Ero genre: A girl's body gets toyed with and raped with a combination of shame and pleasure
CG: 10 base CG + 62 variations (excluding pose art)

A magic stone exists that can force women to do the bidding of men.
As a result, the organization that produces these stones has taken over the world in short order

Maki and her little sister Rika must infiltrate the organization in order to save women
from all over the planet.

Assisted by her comrades in her organization "Maiden Freedom Frontline", Aoi and "Professor",
Maki advances towards the heart of the stone production facility...

Save the world with sneaking!

-Things you can do-
Investigate objects - Trigger flags, and acquire items
Hide in lockers - Go unseen by the enemy
Take out enemies from behind - Use surprise attacks to traverse the map safely

A girl being forced to follow the sexual orders of men,
eventually weeping as she gives permission to be violated.
For those who like ahegao and crying!

* You are warped to the Gallery room after clearing the game.

Download Slave Stone from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
Screenshot 0Screenshot 1Screenshot 2

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