Kanna Nozaki's Erotic Troubles ~Case Closed with sex!~ poster
Updated 2020-11-27
Developer typhoon com

Kanna Nozaki's Erotic Troubles ~Case Closed with sex!~

* Storyline

As the Student Council President, Kanna Nozaki was conducting her duty of surveilling Yariman High School.
One day, Kanna was notified of theft. A female student had her underwear stolen.
Kanna immediately formed a task force to further investigate the case.

Kanna usually mugs or performs erotic attacks to collect hints.
Kanna thereby identifies the criminal. The criminal's peculiar motivation was...!?

* Mystery solving RPG

Investigate the suspects within campus with erotic attacks!!
Kanna Nozaki's greatest strength was how horny she was.
Solve the mysteries by luring suspects into sex!
Multiple endings available.

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