imouto-NTR! 2 poster
Updated 2016-01-21
Developer I
Language jap

imouto-NTR! 2

I'm an ordinary, unpopular high school student.
I have two younger sister, Kana and Mika.
Mika asked me to come home but wasn't there herself.
While I waited for her, Kana started acting lewd...

MORE incest, MORE volume!

* 17 minutes of cel shaded After Effects anime!
Mindblowingly smooth and obscene hand drawn + digital animation!
960x720 quality resolution

* Fully voiced (imoutos only) & sex fluid sound effects!
Sweety sweet lovesick tender sister portrayed beautifully by Poplar Sawano.

* Tons of sex styles all the way to orgasm!
OP -> blowjob -> tongue sloppily up her c*nthole -> fingerf*ck -> female squirt -> brother on top ->
standing sex -> doggy style -> girl on top -> kiss and standing embrace -> creampie -> titf*ck
-> cum all over her face -> ED

* Please check the sample movie to confirm compatibility

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