My Younger Cousin is a Tsun-Bitch poster
Updated 2016-01-15
Developer I
Language jap

My Younger Cousin is a Tsun-Bitch

Holy wow 10 years has changed my little female cousin!
She's a total tramp now.
I bet she's f*cked every guy in her class.
That's a good thing, she'll let me do her too!!!

* Powered up hand-drawn x After Effects animation *
960x520 widescreen resolution!
Blended traditional and digital media!
Smooth raunchy visuals you can't miss!

* Full voice & lewd gulps, chokes and SFX *
Voice actress Gemiko Yamada performs the sultry slut cousin.
She's tsun-tsun but shows her gooey dere side with you.
Raunchy from beginning to end! (*^^*)

* Multiple positions *
Pick your favorite to blow a finishing load!!
32 patterns of motion anime!!

(Requires the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.)

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