Vampire training - Can a genius trainer raise a high-ranking life form Vampire as a sex slave?~ poster
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Updated 2022-02-11
Developer Peach Palette
Language original
Total size 461mb
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Vampire training - Can a genius trainer raise a high-ranking life form Vampire as a sex slave?~

Original title: ヴァンパイア調教~天才調教師は高位生命体ヴァンパイアを性奴隷として育て上げることが出来るのか?~

++ Game description

There was a contact under Kazama Naoto, a genius trainer who is famous in the underworld ......
It came under Naoto who was asked to "I want you to train a special product"、
It was a noble vampire with silver hair and red eyes ......
Is it possible to train a vampire who does not know human common sense who lives slurping human blood and raise it into a splendid sex slave?

++ Prologue

"There is no woman who can not train to this man" is touted, trainer who gained a name as a genius in the behind-the-scenes society, Naoto Kazama.
Under him, a request comes from the boss of the organization.
It is much different from the past, training of a special existence ... Receiving the request, it came under Naoto.
An Outsider.Long silver hair, red eyes like jewels, morbidly white skin, and slurping on human life was a vampire.
She is not hostile to humans, she does not know the common sense of the world, but dangerous ......
However, is it possible to train it with a body that can be said to be exquisite?......?

++ H scene

H scenes are all training situations.
The training of a vampire girl who follows obedience without knowing well、
You can enjoy depending on the stage of training.
The voice actor is Mei Satsuki.
Of course there is also a recollection room.It is possible to look back at it at any time.

++ H situations

Let's continue to train more and more the naïve woman vampire.
Teach blowjob, teach sex ......everything is as you think.
To train thoroughly, and even to reach a little unusual play ......?
Let's teach the fun of sex to her who should be obedient and virtuous existence.

++ Character

★Gloria (voice actor: Satsuki Mei)
18 years old
Personality: Emotional but calm
A vampire who wanders into the human world for a reason.
I studied a lot, but there are many things I still do not understand.
He loves the blood of the virgin.

★Naoto Kazama
30 years old
Personality: Flexible
A genius trainer who said "There is no woman who can not train this man" at a young age.
For many years, he worked as an exclusive trainer of a major brothel, but he fulfilled his desire for independence six months ago.
Now the work is on track smoothly, and a large scatromania who is living a free life not bound by time.

★ Boss (real name unpopular)
Age unpopularity
Character: Strict
The owner of a large brothel.
He bought Naoto's skills and always left Naoto's training to him.
Even now that Naoto is independent, he continues to maintain a good relationship.
I think that it is a stalwart of the customs world, and my home dad of the child's desire.


++ ゲーム概要


++ プロローグ


++ Hシーン


++ Hのシチュエーション


++ キャラクター

★グロリア (声優:皐月メイ)



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