Hirugao Observation poster
Updated 2015-08-21
Developer Beel ze bub
Language jap

Hirugao Observation

* introduction

You could knock me down with a feather.
I stared at the video.

A woman touched over her panties in a slightly drunken scene.
The movement slow and deliberate.

As pornography it was extremely vanilla and probably not exciting.

But, I was rock hard, throbbing with excitement.

The woman in the video was my wife.

* game details

While the husband is away on business, his wife is exploited.

Coerced, facef*cked, made her eat cum from a condom,
screwed up the ass, in a collar and whored around...

The wife does her father-in-law, for business' sake
she pleasures her husband's boss, and squirts with a young man
all presented as a "cuckoldry voyeurism sim".

Enjoy the utter degradation of a beloved wife.

Hirugao Observation screenshotHirugao Observation screenshotHirugao Observation screenshot

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