Half Demon Bait box poster
Updated 2023-02-18
Developer Saohime Darc
Language original
Total size 567mb
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Half Demon Bait box

Original title: 半魔の餌箱

▼ Story
The main character who was traveling to a foreign country to work as a merchant for his beloved family.
After an unfamiliar long road, he finally returns home, but he falls asleep on the mountain path due to fatigue.
When it was late at night, the appearance of a suspicious woman .......

▼ Game Contents
It has become a mystery solving escape form.
The goal is to endure the temptation from her and escape safely within days.

Bad end (5 species), reverse end, it will be 7 of the escape end.
The bad end itself is easily greeted, but the rest needs to be prepared the day before.

▼ Number of Scenes
More than 20 scenes difference, standing picture erotic there.

As an event scene, it is generally for soft M men (reverse rape, color gimmick, etc.).
(Only 1 route has reversal)
The goal is to endure the temptation from her and escape safely within a few days.

▼ Scene Overview
Just body touch, see through, blowjob, titty, thorough exploitation etc.Until.
You will taste it in 2 figures of her.

▼ Character
The name Amy (CV: Narumori Rii) is on Facebook.
Height 160cm
Three sizes B: 110cm (M cup) W: 57cm H: 93cm


▼ ストーリー

▼ ゲーム内容


▼ シーン数
20シーン以上 差分、立ち絵エロ有。


▼ シーン概要

▼ キャラクター
名前 エイミ (CV:鳴森りいあ)
種族 ???
年齢 ???
身長 160cm
スリーサイズ B:110cm(Mカップ) W:57cm H:93cm

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Download and install instructions

Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

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