Succubus Queen's Sexy Pleasure Assault!! poster
Updated 2019-09-14
Developer Saohime Darc  

Succubus Queen's Sexy Pleasure Assault!!

Lead a troop of demons with a succubus queen at its center
to defeat the human army in this strategy RPG!!

The succubus queen gets stronger the more semen she absorbs.
Each stage is won by defeating the enemy leader, but
you'll get more semen the more enemies you defeat.
Create magical items with your sperm bonus and strengthen your forces!!

Cheer your allies to boost their stats!
Seduce your foes to drop their stats!
Masturbate to greatly increase your own stats!

After clearing a stage, it will initiate a sex event where you milk the men for their semen!!
Also includes defeat sex scenes!

Replayed cleared stages as many times as you want
to raise your level, so even players who aren't good at SRPGs can succeed.
A handy auto-battle system is also included.

Operating environment: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Save data from the demo version cannot be used in the retail version.

This game was made using SRPG Studio.

Download Succubus Queen's Sexy Pleasure Assault!! from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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