Gal Bitch in the Next Seat poster
Updated 2016-04-24
Developer FrailSoft
Language jap

Gal Bitch in the Next Seat

* Story *

Risa is a yariman bitch who's popular with a strong -- but not bad -- personality.
I never thought I was in her league, but now I sit next to her in class---.

"I want your first time to be inside me," she said.

Somehow we're a couple. She's the embodiment of hot sex and I'm an otaku with a huge penis.
Every day is SEX & SEX & SEX! All she wants is to feel good -- come enjoy the hot school life!

* Customizable heroine! *

Fine-tune or completely makeover Risa's look with skin, hair and lingerie color swatches!

* Content *

9 base CGs
300 standard variations x customizable colors

* Staff *

Art by K2isu ( )
Planning and scenario by Akito Yuizaki
Voice by Haruka Ai

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