Pure JK Perversified: Micol's Three Ecchi Days poster
Updated 2016-10-24
Developer Sazameki Street
Language jap

Pure JK Perversified: Micol's Three Ecchi Days


* 11 base CGs, 100 total CGs
* 20+ H scenes
* 6 different kinds of pose art
* 16 different facial expressions
* 8 different endings
* 3 hours of playtime (if playing completionist)


Micol Hasuno, a typical high school girl you'd find everywhere,
is one day rewarded by a god for her daily goodness.

"I'll set you up with the boy you like!" said the rather stupid god.

Micol was excited, but the setup came with a hitch.
She had be sexy!

Boys liked sexy girls, don't they? Very well then,
Micol will get sexy so she can get her guy!


You control Micol Hasuno, the ordinary schoolgirl / protagonist.

"I need to change my clothes for school..."

> Uniform
> PE outfit
> Swimsuit

Make choices and see what happens to Micol-chan.
She's not accustomed to being provocative, but the god chose her.
Help a meek, good girl and romance will surely come...

* Reactionary environment
* Lewdness display (menu > status)
* Toggle pose art (S key)
* Text skip (Ctrl key)
* Dash (Shift key)
* Text history (A key)

Illustrations by Orokega

Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free).
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.

Pure JK Perversified: Micol's Three Ecchi Days screenshotPure JK Perversified: Micol's Three Ecchi Days screenshot

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