Fallen Bitch Leona's Exhibitionist Atelier poster
Updated 2016-01-28
Developer Charade Girl's
Language eng
Version 1.07

Fallen Bitch Leona's Exhibitionist Atelier

* Tag line
Leona Lu Do Dabicchi is on a quest to restore the world's colors.

* Content
Over 40 pose art /outfit variations!
Plus a post-game secret dungeon with another 30 color variants!
This is truly a "colorful" RPG!

30+ base CGs
400+ total CGs
60+ H scenes - all fully voiced with raunchy spoken dialogue!

* Story
Once upon a time, there were two pixies who painted the colors of the world.
They also painted the colors of the human soul, which is how passion was born.
Humans became so passionate that they went to war,
which so troubled one pixie that in a fit of regret, they repainted the world white.

Leona Lu Do Dabicchi was an artist in the town of Vanch.
Unable to sell her art, she began a quest to restore the world's colors,
exposing herself and even prostituting......

* Features
Lots of public nudity and outdoor exposure!
Built-in CG and replay modes
Colorful weapons & "body paint" perception skill
Easy, normal and hard mode difficulty options
Message skip, window hide, toggle cross-section ON/OFF, etc.
Post-completion bonus content

Aya Kuchitani
Sasya Shinonome
Kurumi Miru

Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
Save data can be transferred from the trial to the full game.
Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):

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