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Updated 2018-12-24
Developer QRoss
Language jap

Erotic RetrLife! Give Me Your Semen Please, My Master!

* Synopsis
This is the worst world where a number of races kill each other.
In such world a powerless race "Human" can barely survive,
forced to moving from one place to another by incoming threats
of other races. The protagonist is one of humans.

But one day, the strongest and worst angel Michal has devastated
an Elven village, and the protagonist died from aftermath of it.

"Oh, a human in such location...... How unfortunate.
Anyway, it's just a minor thing, won't make any changes."

The protagonist is sent to the post-death world. There a god descended.
The god says he would not complaint about the war, but he at least
has to keep the balance among races. Thus he has bestowed immortality
upon the protagonist as a measure to keep the balance, and asked
the protagonist to stop Michal's repeated massacre.

Soon after he regained his life, he makes a strategy.
His plan is to challenge Michal a number of times until
she gets tired and then start assaulting to make her
into his own lewd angel, one can perhaps say it's thoughtless though.

However, the protagonist burns with the flame of motivation,
soon rushing toward the castle of demon lord where Michal is.

* Genre
Weakening Discipline RPG

* System
- Making full use of immortality, the protagonist keeps challenging Michal.
His attack methods are normal attack and use of items.
Making big damage is very hard to archive but Michal's health bar
will not be healed over battles. Grind down her health bar slowly but surely.

- When Michal's health bar gets below 90%, a new command "R*pe" appears.
Choose this command to see H scenes (appears starting the second battle in the trial version).

- H scenes happen during battle vary in relation to Michal's status effect.
Some scenes happen only when she is confused, is sleep and...
Of course, H events happen even while she has no status effect.

* Exploration
The protagonist is in need of information and items in order to defeat Michal.
Listen to others' conversations and collect item in other races' villages.

* Stealth System
Each time he gets in opponent's sight, it triggers a battle.
Be careful not to be found. Range of sight differs among individuals.

* UI
- Lewdness Bar
A bar representing the heroine's health.
Decreases upon being damaged.
When health point reaches zero an event scene begins.

* Event Scenes
Mainly happens during battle.
Can be seen while Michal's health point is below 90% or
she has some particular status effects.
New scenes will be added by seeing particular scenes.
In the meantime special events happen like notices of
Michal's changing body condition.

* Ending changes depending on Michal's lewdness and
whether you have seen all event scenes or not.

* Credit
Scene Text: Ginga Mikagami

* The latest version is: Ver.2.0.0

* Disclaimers
- Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.
- Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:

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