Development Diary of Elsie poster
Updated 2016-04-05
Developer landcut
Language jap

Development Diary of Elsie

Elsie is weak, more or less ineffective "fighter" in the Iruana Imperial Army.
Her new post is some empty little patch of land to develop a town.
Elsie bravely does her duty. There are no threats... except the ecchi townfolk.

* landcut presents
Developement Diary of Elsie
A fast-paced ecchi RPG

* 13 base CGs + over 100 variations
Other CGs of costume pse art, mini events, skill usage, etc.
Events are mainly Elsie's assault or unavoidable progress
Scenes may vary or change slightly during the story
(There are lots of one-time scenes as well)

* Playtime is about 2-3 hours to complete
It's even shorter if you don't watch the events

* Scene replay mode is available

* You can change Elsie's outfit or go naked

Save data from the trial can be used for the full game

Recommend purchase with DLsite account fro updates.

Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):

Screenshot 0Screenshot 1Screenshot 2

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