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Updated 2021-01-07
Developer landcut

Meer's Occupation

Protagonist Meer Clifford is a girl attending Cheval Academy.
She has always lived next to and is the childhood friend of Tony.

One day, Meer is targeted by the newly transferred student Doug.
From that day on, her day to day life slowly changes and then suddenly,
the owner of Cheval Academy changes... her father ends up in debt to
the academy's headmaster and as the result of that debt Meer is...

* Cuckoldry Elements
The childhood friend is the one that will experience being stolen from.
Their relationship ship is... they like one another but are not lovers.
It is a relatively light NTR situation. Not a totally gloomy and depressing one.
(Note that not all of the erotic events are cuckoldry related)

* Event CG (facial expression variations are included)
20 base CG + over 250 variations

-Pose Art Clothing + Variations = 150+
-Pose Art Events x 7 types variations = 100+

* Erotic Events
41 base event scenes
- Most events have variations of various degrees of arousal or continuation.
- When it comes to Pose Art events, pretty much all the men in town get in on the action.
- Most of the erotic events are against her will but she is easily pushed over.
- In order to give a cuckoldry flavor, some of the events which
relate to Tony are written from his perspective instead of Meer's.

* Dressup Elements
As you proceed through the game you will obtain various "clothing".
Depending on what you are wearing the townsfolk will react differently.

* Reminiscence Room
Normal / Short versions of her erotic memories are available.

Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.
Trial version save data can be used in the retail version.

This work uses heptanas crawl Nana's script materials.

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

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