Corruption Quest ~ Low-Ranked Knight Hanna ~ poster
Updated 2020-01-19
Developer Rimiaro

Corruption Quest ~ Low-Ranked Knight Hanna ~

The country has been taken over by the Succubus Queen!
Now the citizens can only think about sex! To take back his homeland,
the hero Luca recruits powerful knights from across the kingdom!

...Well, he would, except Hanna is all that's left. And she sucks. Cute, though.


Some enemies encountered by Luca and Hanna are succubi,
and will lower Luca's reason in battle.
As it goes down, so does his damage potential, so be careful!

Combine your strength with Hanna's support and defeat your enemies!
But defeat means humiliation for Hanna, so make sure to keep her safe!

Voiced H scenes!
9 base CGs
Illustrations: Rimiaro

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