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Updated 2021-09-14
Developer Tail Aki
Total size 479mb
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The Elven Slave and the Great Witch's Curse

◆ Basic information
 ト Basic CG :basic HCG17 sheets+cut-in 20 sheets(difference included. total CG number 1000 sheets or more!)
 ト H event :19 scenes(there is also light erotic production is less)
            It is pure love etch center with the elf.There is some humiliation expression
            In addition to the main heroine, there are also sex scenes

 戦闘 Battle :None.For those who only want to see the story.
 ド Branch :There is a scenario branch and some bad end of the last.
 ー Recollection room :Yes(can be fully released after the true end)
 イ Assumed play time :3 ~ 4 hours

◆ Synopsis
edward, a rich and handsome hero, suddenly appeared to fran the great witch.
He is cursed to become a bald and fat ugly figure.
there's only one way to break the be loved by an elf's daughter within 10 days.…
this is how the ugly Edward's struggle began.…

◆ Overview
This work is a story-oriented adventure RPG without combat.
to unravel the curse of the hero who was transformed into a ugly figure
Let's have a pure love with the daughter of a slave elf!
If the story progresses, the elves will surely open their hearts.
that way, you can be naughty.……

◆ Now work of the system
 ま Explore mainly in the mansion, you will advance the story by the conversation.
  There are also bad ends and costume changes in some options.
  You can enjoy the story purely because there is no such as mystery solving.

◆ Recommended for such people
 ー Those who want to see the story that can be impressed with comedy touch.

 チ Those who want to see pure love etch elf gradually open heart.
 モ Those who are okay even if the hero is disgusting in a man.
 き Those who like a gentle world view.

◆ Situation example
 - Sexual Harassment&Humiliation to slave elves
 - Nursed the sick elves…
 - Flirting in the bathroom with elves…
 - gently cunnilingus to the elves ・…
 - The elves in estrus are cowgirl…
 - Real sex like melting…

◆ Notes / contact matter
 ★ About trial version
  The saved data of the trial version can be carried over to the product version.
  (In the trial version, you can play until the morning of the 3rd day.
   H scene can be seen about 3 scenes.)

 ★ This product is produced in RPG maker VX Ace.
  In order to play, you need RPG Maker RTP separately.
  If you have not installed it, sorry to trouble you, but please download it from the following URL.

 ★ If you have any opinions, impressions, etc., I would be happy if you can contact us at Ci-en.
  If you like, please follow us.


17 H CGs + 20 cut-ins (Over 1,000 CGs total)
19 H scenes (Mostly love with an elf, but also includes some rape and scenes with other girls)
No battles.
Includes two endings, one of which is bad.
Includes a gallery mode that gets unlocked completely after the true ending is obtained.
Approximate total play time: 3~4 hours

Edward is a handsome, wealthy man who runs afoul of a powerful witch. She curses him to become fat and ugly. There was only one way for him to break the curse: get a lady elf to love him in just ten days! So began Edward's struggle...

This is a story-heavy adventure game. The hero has been turned ugly, and has to break the curse by making an elf fall in love with him! Advance through the story and she'll start to open up to you... and things will get much sexier...

Explore the mansion and talk to characters. Some choices will result in a bad end or outfit changes.
There are no riddles or anything like that, so just enjoy!

[Recommended for...]
- Fans of moving stories with a hint of comedy!
- Anyone who wants to see an elf grow to love them!
- People who don't mind playing as a big, gross guy.
- Fans of gentle stories.

- Molesting and raping an elven slave
- Nursing her back to health when she's sick
- Getting busy in the bath
- Gentle cunnilingus
- Sweet, sweet cowgirl sex!

- The trial version ends on the morning of the third day.
However, save data can be transferred to the full version.
There are three H scenes to enjoy in the demo!

- This work was created in RPG Maker VX Ace and requires the RTP to run.
RPG Maker RTP:

- If you have questions or comments, please contact us on Ci-en.

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