Coercion Into Gothic Fashion ~The Hell of Hardcore Ryona Mental Destruction~ poster
Updated 2018-02-08
Developer dark.ryona.x15
Language jap

Coercion Into Gothic Fashion ~The Hell of Hardcore Ryona Mental Destruction~

* Prologue

Gothic girl is meant to...

Have trauma in heart and escape from the reality putting themselves in
doll-like appearance by means of wearing such kinds of dresses.

But when I talked to a girl in Gothic fashion on the street, I found
her mental condition healthy, at least enough to refuse this
fatty and creepy guy's words of hookup.

I got furious and start disciplining her into a real Gothic girl.

* Hand-Drawn Animations
All scenes are created with hand-drawn animations.
Plus with / without glasses selectable.

* Hardcore Discipline
Repeated torments until her mind collapse.
slapping / gut punch / vibrator / fist f*ck / object penetration / branding /
needle piercing / whipping clitoris / irrumatio / piss drinking / r*pe and...

All scenes are lively sent to her mother! Enjoy duet of shrikes from two mouths.

* Parameter
You can check her condition through parameters below:
- Vitality: She will die if her vitality run out
- Mentality: Real Gothic girl has less mentality
- Sufferings Accumulated: Real Gothic girl experiences a lot of sufferings
- Despair of humans: Real Gothic girl despairs of humans
- Want for suicide: Real Gothic girl has want for suicide
- Androphobia: Real Gothic girl is afraid of men
- Brain Damage: Real Gothic girl has traumatic memory

* Cheats
There are cheats for:
- Skipping scenes
- No game over mode

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