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Updated 2018-03-21
Developer Almonds & Big Milk
Language jap
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1.86 (463)

Total Disgrace Synthesoid Heipo



* Before you start

A&M presents our long-developed 2D fighting game.
Hand-drawn animation by a professional animator.

* About the game

Become a brutal man who lacks human compassion,
and do battle in the arena with 2 captive heroines.

* Animations created from over 400 hand-drawn frames
* 12 varieties of H scenes!
* Over 20 varieties of H anime!
* 30+ total varieties of erotic scenes!

Featuring armor breaks, telekinetic masturbation, pissing, capture and more,
plus post-capture r*pe and violence and torture animations.

* Heroines

Kurisu the Defender of the Princess, supremely confident and righteous.
When an evil organization hostages Rosa, she wages war on Heipo.

Rosa the Princess of the Rune Kingdom, stronger than she lets on.
Knowledgable in warfare, she is regrettably inexperienced.
The evil organization takes her hostage, offering her a glimpse of freedom
if she can defeat the brutal opponent in battle...

* Voice actors

Heipo (male): Ten Momoshiri

Heroines (female): Chiroru Ohyama

* Developer's diary

* Play the free trial

Confirm compatibility with your system specs and
experience the game ~ scalable screen from 640x480
up to 1680x1050 size (using 12 display presets).

Please note that the trial version does not allow cheats.
You can play only as the character Kurisu.
The trial includes only one assault animation & event scene.

Total Disgrace Synthesoid Heipo screenshotTotal Disgrace Synthesoid Heipo screenshotTotal Disgrace Synthesoid Heipo screenshotTotal Disgrace Synthesoid Heipo screenshot

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