Professional wrestler Kaede Kamigaki - undercover in the world of dark pro wrestling poster
Updated 2020-12-13
Developer Almonds & Big Milk

Professional wrestler Kaede Kamigaki - undercover in the world of dark pro wrestling

(Product description provided by the creator.)

-- Prologue

In the government, there was a secret organization
that had protected humans against a paranormal presence since ancient times.
The leading character, Kaede Kamigaki, was a member of that organization.

She received information that a professional wrestler was active in the
underground arena.
This was sponsored by the authorities,
and the wrestlers were gathered using a large amount of fight money.
And the winner would receive a large amount of money that would allow them to live as they please for life.

For normal professional wrestlers,
it would be the job of the police to control them.
However, according to the rumors, this was something that would involve fighting with abnormal monsters.

And it was not just that,
Those that were defeated would face serious abuse.

If they had such a paranormal existence,
they could not overlook them as an organization.
The organization asked Kaede to pursue the truth and act to resolve the issue.

She needed to find the truth.
Kaede appeared in the dark world of professional wrestling as a wrestler.
There were certainly abnormal monsters present there.

What was it that had produced such creatures?
Kaede got up into the ring to fulfill her mission.

-- Action game

This is a belt scroll action game in the ring.
If you lose to the boss, you will be raped on the spot.

Also, if your HP run out, and you are completely destroyed, this will become an event scene.
A merciless rape begins in front of the huge audience.

For those who are not so good at action, secret tricks have been implemented.
There is also gallery mode.

-- Animation

Not only the action, but the event scenes are also in animation.
Moves in an erotic sensual way in dramatic large screen action!
Enjoy the animation, which focuses on sensuality, such as tit swaying etc.

Action game focusing on highlights.

-- Heroine

Name: Kaede Kamigaki
Age: 21 years old
History: Agent for a secret government organization. Former land self defense member, with established strength.
By nature, has a strong sense of justice and she does not tolerate anyone going against this.

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