Celes, The False Champion poster
Updated 2019-01-05
Developer WINDWAVE
Language jap
Version 1.0

Celes, The False Champion

* Story

The demon lord has revived.

Celes who was born in a heroes' bloodline
has to set out for a journey to defeat the demon lord.

Celes' strength is renowned worldwide as worthy of the title of hero.

Nobody doubts that the demon lord's scheme will be terminated.

However, the demon lord comes to know Celes' weak point...

* System
- Clothing Damage
Monsters carry out attacks on Celes' clothes.
Once her clothes are damaged, she has to hide her
body while fighting, which is very disadvantageous.

- Discovery Value
If she strolls around the dungeon with her clothes damaged,
soldiers may find her and the discovery value increases, then......!?

- H Scenes
There are two types of scenes: ones happen in dungeons and
other ones happen when the discovery value increases to a certain value.
Moreover, when you have seen all the scenes......?

* Situations
- irrumatio
- handjob
- intercrural sex
- ass-in-the-wall
- cowgirl sex
- titjob
- pleasure corruption

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Celes, The False Champion screenshotCeles, The False Champion screenshotCeles, The False Champion screenshot

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