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Updated 2020-09-08
Developer WINDWAVE
Rip by s-hentai

The Female Warrior and The Succubus' Curse

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* Story

The military state of Veldgrado was known for its highly elite order of knights.
Using this overwhelming power, they cooperated with other surrounding countries,
to combat the evil forces of demons who aimed to rule humanity.

Cecilia had proven her prowess with a blade in countless battles,
and while continuing to fight on the front lines, she also helped train new recruits,
and was respected among the ranks of knights.

One day, the knight's stronghold was attacked by demon forces.
Cecilia and her band of knights defeated the demons; however,
the top succubus "Lust" had placed a powerful curse on
the men in the knighting ranks.

This curse greatly increased their sexual appetite, and the demons fed off this lust.
With the demons growing stronger, Cecilia's division began suffering loses.
To save her subordinates, and stop the advance of the demons,
Cecilia decides to help relieve the men of their sexual urges...

* System

- Stronghold & The Curse
The knights in the stronghold have been absorbed in lust,
and by relieving their sexual frustration, the demons who rely on the lust weaken,
allowing you to counteract their attacks.

- Upgrade Equipment / Swordplay Training System
As the knights in the stronghold are relieved of lust, some of the facilities
within the stronghold are unlocked. Cecilia can be upgraded here.
Collect items from defeated enemies to do the following:
- Purchase materials
- Upgrade equipment
- Expand your skill tree

- Auto Battle
Automation implemented to the turn-based command battle style.
Those who want to avoid command battle can easily enjoy with this function.

* Situations
- handjob
- tit job
- gang bang
- cowgirl
- sex toys
- falling to pleasure
- violation

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:

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