Catora the Nun and the Curious Dungeon poster
Updated 2020-11-29
Developer RiceRing

Catora the Nun and the Curious Dungeon

* Ver 1.13

Three years ago...

A party of heroes defeated the demon king.
The rest of the monsters were sealed with holy water in Page Town.
Humans returned to their lives, and the land flourished.

But from the fountain of holy water also comes a dark cloud...


Catora the nun resides in Page Town,
having been one of the heroes who defeated the demon king.
She watches over the fountain that keeps the monsters sealed.

The fountain has begun to spew malice.
While she tries to stop it, Catora is drawn into the water.
Inside the fountain is a dungeon. Inside the dungeon are monsters.
They intend to break the holy bonds and escape.

Only Catora can stop them.

RiceRing presents an erotic RPG with
- vibrtion teasing
- tentacles
- r*pe, assault
- brainwashing
- hypnosis, forced masturbation
- aphrodisiac
- petrification, pissing, squirting
and many failure H events

Recommend purchase with a registered DLsite account.
Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free).
Save data is nontransferable between trial/full versions of this game.

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