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Updated 2022-07-09
Developer Hasoyua
Language original
Total size 824mb
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the egg of the world

Original title: 世界の卵~夢幻のリーリウム~

There are 2 worlds to be staged.
It is the same cityscape as that of modern times.
As a student, Mari of the main character had sent every day to spend a mediocre daily life with Kotone of a friend.
On that day, I went to school as usual, enjoyed club activities, went out to the city and ate sweets was supposed to be.

However, what was waiting for them in the city is an anomaly that people fall one after another, and a part of it becomes a monster and attacks.
Mari, who is not the only one affected, is led by a voice and is dressed in a mysterious costume.
Mari, who wielded her weapon without knowing the situation at all, easily defeated the monster.
Mari who rescued Kotone is called to the facility, and the men who were waiting are taught about the existence of another world and the miasma and monsters that flow in - the presence of monsters.
And Mari, who has strong resistance to miasma, is also one of the few people who can fight monsters from the front.

Mari learns that monsters are going to come to the city even now, and that if she can defeat monsters early, the incident could not have been like a dream, and she decides to ride into another world, which is another stage, as a transformation heroine, Li Lium.





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